Advertising, film and entertainment industries thrive on innovation - and so do we.


At CFX, we are all a bunch of storytellers that love to bring our imaginations to life. We believe that high quality content is created in an environment where people enjoy working.

Concept Design

At CFX, each project starts with an idea. Our team of creatives put their heads together to come up with genuine, fresh concepts for your visual projects. We brainstorm for innovative thoughts on product and character designs, environments etc. We also provide drawn storyboards to outline the plot and give a paper-view of your project from beginning till end. This process gives you a clear idea of the look and feel of your project and helps you visualise the story.


Before CFX artists switch gears to production, they work on the pre-viz. This includes animatics for staging, camera movements, art direction, lighting and editing digitally to give you a sense of direction without spending heavy budgets on real-life production. During the pre-viz process, we can also add background scores and dialogues to simulate an early version of your final content.

Shoot Supervision (On-Set Supervision)

When you’re working on a VFX project, your shoots need to be technically sound to ensure that there are no hiccups during the post-production process. At CFX, our skilled team has the insight to help you calibrate lighting, manage chroma sets and guide your actors for a solid production. Working closely with directors and performers, our intuitions for visual effects can help you shoot professional commercials and stunt scenes for your action thrillers.

Asset Development

At CFX, we model characters, props, interior and exterior environments, and design textures to match the concept designs and bring your ideas to life. We also provide optimization services for assets during the development phase to increase efficiency. If the assets were modeled for specifics like gaming engines or iPad games etc., we help maintain poly count and reduce rendering time. Our expertise and knowledge helps us think forward and expedite the production pipeline.

Non-linear Editing

At CFX, our editors’ instincts are second to none. We sequence your stories and music videos, timing and spacing your scenes to create a visual experience worth remembering. Weaving one frame into the next requires attention to detail - a quality our team prides in. We obsess over each aspect of your film, adding appropriate transitions and syncing your content with the background score so that it all gels into one.


From 2D to 3D animations, CFX helps you produce work that dazzles. We provide services including animation and character animation. We believe in mimicking real life when animating our characters so that they look believable. Our animators invest time in collecting reference videos, acting out sequences and making minute adjustments that can make all the difference between a professional and amateur production.

Particle Effects

Imitating splashes of water, shifting sands and shattering pieces of glass requires an eye for natural phenomena. At CFX, we understand real-world dynamic and physics. Whether you’re looking to simulate explosions, blood spatters or dust storms, we know the science and the art.

Motion Design

During recent years, motion design has come a long way thanks to advancements in technology and software tools. At CFX, we offer a bundle of services including channel identities, kinetic typography, opening and closing credits of a film and bug ads. We take special care of your brand’s values and characteristics and create motion graphic designs that convey the right messages.

2D Compositing

Compositors are the maestros of realism. Without 2D compositing, films would lose the power to enthrall: audiences would become befuddled by the mess of wires, camera rigs, green screens and equipments on set. We offer services including rotoscoping, matte painting, planar tracking, 3D projections and integrating CG render passes into live action scenes. Our CFX compositors work vigorously in detail on layering shots and sequences to create make-believe worlds.

Colour Grading

To make sure that a movie looks like one package, it is important to colour grade and set a “mood” to the movie. Colour grading is an art that evokes emotions through colours and at CFX, our colour graders experiment with the palettes to achieve the feel you want in your content. With their knowledge of lighting and visual consistency, they also know how to colour correct your videos for visual perfection.

Our work

To showcase our skill set, we have executed a few concepts from start to finish. Film & advertising thrives on innovation, and so do we.

  • Batman Rises

  • Driving

  • The Path

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